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Blue Skies

Oil on Board, 16" x 8"
A S-3B of VS-22, Vidar 703, Bu159767, flying from the USS Theodore Roosevelt
This aircraft was lost in the Mediterranean Sea 4th Feb 1997. While chasing an Israeli submarine during a night exercise south of Cyprus it is believed they got too low in appalling weather conditions and dug a wing tip into the water when turning back onto the sub.
Lt Weems the pilot, LCDR Ehlers the CO-TAC, LT Eyre the TACCO, and AW3 Wendy Potter the SENSO were all killed in the crash.
This painting is in their memory and is a gift for PJ Imhof

In June 2011 I spent an  enjoyable and terrific week at the National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola. During my stay I meet up with PJ, a volunteer at the museum and he was incredible generous with both his time and offers of help during my stay.
LCDR Ehlers was his Son in Law.